Pollon Art provides comprehensive collection management services to individuals, corporate entities, institutions and trusts.

An art collection is not a static asset; it requires attention, adjustments and continuous consideration in light of the ever-changing marketplace and critical climate. 

Effective management of an art collection will ensure that opportunities are not missed for the development of your assets. Be it through strategic and thematic additions, opportune selling conditions or curatorial attention, engaging Pollon Art to manage your collection will give you peace of mind that your collection is being looked after in every capacity.

Pollon Art Collection Management is a tailored service that can fit with all types of collections, at all stages of their lifecycle.

Management Services

  • Ongoing surveillance of the global art market in order to procure desired works and alert clients of emerging trends.
  • Collection planning and rationale.
  • Practical/logistical advice including insurance, conservation, freight, framing, lighting and installation.

Vendor’s Services

  • Valuing, documenting and preparing artworks for consignment and sale on the Australian, US and European auction markets.
  • Acting as vendor’s agent and scrutineer for works going to sale at auction and through secondary market brokerage.
  • Customized sales strategies and direct marketing in Australia, the US and Europe.

Exhibition & Philanthropy

  • Curatorial services including negotiation and management of loans to exhibitions and public institutions.
  • Collection branding, including catalogue and website production, PR and social media strategy.
  • Advice on cultural gift provisions under Australian and American income tax law.