Galuma Maymuru

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3979NGaluma_DE web.jpg

Galuma Maymuru


Gunyan, 2010

natural earth pigments on bark, 44 x 19.6”



Born: 1951

Moiety: Yirritja

Clan: Manggalili, Belang

Galuma was one of the first Yolngu women to be instructed to paint by her father the sacred clan designs that were previously the domain of high-ranking men. She says of her father’s teaching:

     ‘when I was still in school at Yirrkala he used to let me sit next to him…he’d say these are our paintings and I’m 

telling you this about the paintings for in the future when I’m passed away you can use them…I want to do this painting as my father did it and to keep it in my mind. But I really want this painting to keep going…I have to teach my kids in case someone might steal the designs. So my kids can know what their mother’s painting is.’