The In Situ experience is underscored by the belief that genuine relationships and collaborative and informed decision making brings the best results when it comes to the personal, curatorial process.

In Situ is a specialist service offered by Pollon Art for interior designers, architects and decorators to facilitate the acquisition and placement of Aboriginal art in a way that considers the space as closely as it considered the artwork. In Situ offers independent advice and practical application for incorporating Aboriginal art into the design process.

In Situ by Pollon takes the leg and guess work out of the process of choosing site-specific art by offering clients an edit of paintings, barks and sculpture from leading galleries, private stockrooms and community art centres.

We bring a fresh and highly intuitive approach to in-place art curation by matching the values and identity of the client and space with artworks and artists that reflect these. We understand the importance of good design and we believe that art that is attuned to it’s space can turn the good into the magnificent.

All artworks are ethically sourced from galleries, community art centers and independent dealers with the aim of giving clients as much choice as possible within budget and brief.