Kitty Napanganka Simon

Women's Dreaming

ACRYLIC ON LINEN 47 x 23.5" USD$1,500

The salt lake, Mina Mina, is a sacred place to Warlpiri women. Aboriginal artist Kitty Napanganka Simon is one of Mina Mina’s senior custodians and a keeper of women’s Law for this remote and isolated desert landscape, near Lake Mackay, WA. This Dreaming site, the subject of Simon’s paintings, was created by Karntakurlangu, a large group of ancestral women who danced across the vast salt plain feeding on its wild fruits. The rhythm of their dancing vibrated through the country creating undulating sandhills, water courses and clay pans. Through the very act of painting, Simon revises and vivifies her knowledge of Country and its creation story, which brought Mina Mina into existence.